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Finding balance in life is key. More people are seeking alternative modalities to compliment their health care. You want to get to the root of your ailments, not just put a temporary bandage on them. You are seeking to take control of your wellness.



& Wellness

Acupuncture has helped many people just like you. There is more to health than just the absence of disease. You must take care of your health, as it is the most precious asset you have. Get to where you want to be with your health so you can enjoy the Kelowna life.

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How Nicole
Can Help

Are you looking for a different approach in your healthcare to help you achieve your optimum physical and emotional health?

Perhaps you struggle with chronic pain and feel you have exhausted all other forms of healthcare, or you may find it difficult in your life to fully relax and turn your mind off. It could also be that your digestion is feeling a little off, or you're noticing the facial aging signs of fine lines, discolouration, and even texture or tone and unwanted acne.

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Hair-like pins and firm pressure.

Personalized treatment.

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Cosmetic Acupuncture

Tiny pins and precision placement.

Preventative & corrective measures.

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LED Light Therapy

Blue and Red Wavelengths.

Amplified Results.

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Stimulation with gentle current.

Comfortable and relaxing.

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