//LYCHEE// The sweet and juicy fruit is popular to munch on but did you know the whole fruit including flesh, peel and core have health benefits? ▪

//THE FLESH// The lychee flesh is a "warm" herb in Chinese Medicine that helps nourish BLOOD, promote body FLUIDS, benefit the SPLEEN and STOP BLEEDING. ▪

//THE CORE// The core of lychee helps dispel pathogenic cold, regulate energy, remove energy stagnation and relieve pain. It is used for hernia pain, menstrual pain, stomachache and postpartum abdominal pain.
Considering the "warming" aspect of lychee you shouldn't eat too much if you are prone to excess heat conditions such as acne, ulcers, hives or acid reflux.

//THE PEEL// Drinking a tea made from the lychee’s shell can help with reducing the risk of causing pathogenic heat-related problems.

//ENJOY// Because its approaching summer time here in Vancouver, let's do a Lychee Sangria Recipe:
1 bottle Sauvignon Blanc
1/2 cup St. Germain Elderflower Syrup (my fav!)
20 fresh peeled Lychee, halved (add as many or as few to appease your palate)
1 lime sliced thin
1 lemon sliced thin
Combine all together in pitcher and infuse over night. Serve over ice with a splash of soda water per serving for bubbles
or splash of champagne per serving for bubbles (the route I would choose!)