//PLUMS// Neutral, sweet and Sour, plums work on the KIDNEY and LIVER. They produce fluids in the body and promote digestion and urination. They help sooth the LIVER QI to promote the smooth flow of energy in the body.

//NUTRITION// Plums are a very good source of vitamin C. They are also a good source of vitamin K, copper, dietary fibre, and potassium.

//HISTORY// One of the unique things about plums is that there are so many varieties available. Not only do over 2,000 varieties of plums exist, but over 100 are available in the United States alone. So, if you are looking for a juicy, sweet tasting fruit that comes in a panorama of colours, plums are for you. Plums are classified into six general categories—Japanese, American, Damson, Ornamental, Wild and European/Garden—whose size, shape and colours vary. Although usually round, plums can also be oval or heart-shaped. The skins of plums can be red, purple, blue-black, red, green, yellow or amber, while their flesh comes in hues such as yellow, green and pink and orange—a virtual rainbow.