Where's your moment?

We are always go go go.

That’s how we function now.

We think it’s healthy and normal to always be “busy”.

We will often find ourselves telling other’s when they ask how we are or what’s new that we are “super busy these days” but let’s try to remove the fluff from this response and actually give a genuine answer.

Reflect what’s going on in your life and fill your friends and loved ones in on life, even if you didn’t do anything that is eventful or you fill is worth sharing.

Once you reflect, perhaps you’ll find life is pure chaos at the moment - so how do you take care of yourself in that chaos? Where is your moment to breathe?

Make sure to take time for yourself even if it’s reading a book, doing yoga, going to the gym, getting Acupuncture, having a cup of tea, or binge watching your favourite netflix show.

Giving your mind and body that moment to come down from operating at a vibration that keeps your adrenalin pumping, will not only keep your sanity in check but also keep you healthy and functioning so you can continue on with your day to day life.