//SQUASH// Fall is upon us! It's time for those warm comforting foods. 
Warm and sweet, squash works on the SPLEEN, STOMACH, QI, YANG and BLOOD tonic. It helps circulate the blood, heal inflammation and relieve pain.

▪ //NUTRITION// Squash is loaded with Vitamin A and contains 163% of the daily required intake. It also has Vitamin B, C, folate and potassium. In just 1 cup you get half of the daily dose recommended of Vitamin C.

▪ //ENJOY// You can just place it on a cookie sheet and bake in the oven for about an hour, or until you can pierce it with a sharp knife. Or remove the skin using a vegetable peeler and cut the flesh into chunks for steaming or sautéing. Once cooked, mash it, puree it for soup, fold it into a pasta or risotto dish, or simply savour your butternut squash as is.