//STAR ANISE// Receiving its name from its star shape, this herb is "warm," pungent and sweet. It acts as a SPLEEN, KIDNEY, LIVER and YANG tonic in TCM. Originating in China, this herb is used in dishes revealing a licorice like flavour. Remember to use the Chinese Star anise as a healing herb or to cook with, as the Japanese Star anise is toxic.

As a healing herb, Star Anise works as an ANTI-FUNGAL, ANTI-BACTERIAL and ANTIOXIDANT.
It also contains high concentrations of Shikimic acid which is a plant based material that is used to produce anti-viral medications. The 2008 issue of “Journal of Medical Virology” found that shikimic acid, when combined with quercetin, another antioxidant-rich plant-derived substance, significantly improved immune function. Shikimic acid on its own, however, yielded little additional benefit.