//THE LIVER SERIES: PART 1// The Liver has many important functions in Chinese Medicine including storing BLOOD, ensuring the smooth movement of QI throughout the body and housing the Ethereal Soul. [What is the Ethereal Soul you ask? Watch for the Five Spirits Series!] ▪

* It stores BLOOD
* It ensures the smooth flow of QI
* It controls the tendons and ligaments.
* It displays the quality of its health in the nails
* It displays the quality of its health in the eyes
* It controls tears
* It houses the Ethereal Soul
* It is affected by anger [frustration, resentment, repressed anger, rage]

These relationships are what could occur when the Liver is out of balance:
* Rancid is the smell associated with the Liver that would emanate from the axillae
* Green is the colour that may be reflected in the complexion of the skin or discharges from the body
* Sour is the taste one may experience in their mouth
* Wind is the climate related to the Liver. This appears as being annoyed or affected badly by the wind [ex. wind causing a migraine].
* Shouting is the sound of the Liver as it vents the Anger, the emotion of the Liver

source: The Foundations of Chinese Medicine