Just a Little Prick

These tiny little needles help stimulate collagen and elastin production with every little butterfly kiss. There is just a quick pinch and then the sensation is over. Once in, a very relaxing effect spreads over the whole body and you enter an Acupuncture daze. With regular treatments, you see the fine lines softening, tone and texturing improving and an over all healthy glow. These treatments can even help acne heal faster. 

A new Botox trend is taking place in the younger generation. No longer for the rich and refined, botox is a part of a lot people's anti-aging routine starting as young as 20 years old. If you aren't ready to take that plunge, then I highly recommend this natural route. And if you have already happily started your botox treatments then you can also add in Cosmetic Acupuncture to your repertoire - just remember you must wait at least 2-3 weeks after receiving Botox before further stimulation to the area.