Jobs Tears

Did you know this beautiful grain is used traditionally in jewellery making? They have a hole through them which makes them perfect for creation. 
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the seeds strengthen the SPLEEN and counteract damp heat in the body, and are used for edema, diarrhea, rheumatoid arthritis and difficult urination. This herb is added to medicinal formulas to regulate fluid retention and counteract inflammation. A tea from the boiled seeds is drunk as part of a treatment to cure warts. The roots have been used in the treatment of menstrual disorders.

In order to gain optimum therapeutic benefits from this herb, it must become part of your daily diet for a period of at least 2-3 months

//ENJOY// Look for Job’s tears at your local Chinese, Japanese, or Korean grocery store and cook them like you would beans. You can soak them for a few hours first to help soften them but it's not necessary. Either way, cover the Job’s tears in a few inches of water and simmer until they’re chewy and cooked through, about 45 minutes. Unlike rice, they won’t absorb all the water, and also unlike rice, they’re really hard to screw up.