//CARROTS// "Neutral" in nature and "sweet" these rabbit favourites have action on the LUNG, STOMACH and SPLEEN in Chinese Medicine. They dry dampness and phlegm in the body.

 //NUTRITION// Best known for their rich supply of beta-carotene, they also have a wide variety of nutrients that studies have show support for antioxidant benefits, cardiovascular health and anti-cancer benefits. Carrots come in all shapes and sizes - orange, purple, yellow, white and red. Though cooking often damages nutrients in vegetables, the beta-carotene in carrots has been shown to hold up to a well timed steaming.

//ENJOY// I love shredded carrots tossed into a salad with shredded beets and apples. Lately I have been thinly slicing them and doing a quick sauté with red cabbage, garlic and onions then served over rice that's seasoned with my favourite stir fry sauce.