//CHERRIES// Deep, dark and beautiful in colour - cherries are a QI, YANG and BLOOD tonic. They invigorate the blood and expel wind, cold and damp from the body.

//NUTRITION// Beyond their divine flavour, cherries also offer help with joint pain, gout, and insomnia.
Drinking pure cherry juice, once in the morning and once in the evening helps you sleep better by increasing the melatonin in your body. They also decrease inflammation in the joints and help remove uric acid in gout attacks. ▪

//REMEDY// Make your own home made cherry cough syrup with
2 cups organic local honey
2 cups cherries
1 lemon
Place cherries in a pan and add water until they are just covered. Add honey and the lemon sliced up. Simmer until cherries and lemon are soft and remove them from the pan. Place the syrup in a jar and store in the fridge. You can have several spoonfuls whenever your throat needs soothing.