//CHOCOLATE// We have all heard that eating chocolate isn't bad for you but there's a catch - it has to be dark chocolate and it has to be in the ratio of at least 70% of cacao/cocoa which is the ingredient that makes chocolate beneficial to our health.

Let's take a look at how chocolate works from a Chinese Medicine perspective. Chocolate as a whole is sweet so therefore it taps into the energy of the SPLEEN making it a happy way to finish off the digestive process. Cacao itself is very bitter therefore its actionable on the HEART. It stimulates the heart blood causing a calming effect on the mind, protecting it from cardiovascular disease and increasing circulation. It works on the KIDNEYS as an aphrodisiac stimulating the sexual fires, balancing hormones for women during PMS, and helping us look and feeling younger with its anti-aging benefits.

The best way to receive the benefits of cacao would be to consume it in its raw naturally fermented form but if thats too big of a taste bud step for you, start with the 70% version and work your way up.