//INSOMNIA// Many of us are plagued with either acute or chronic insomnia at some point in our lives. In Chinese Medicine there are a variety of different reasons that can help us explain why we can't sleep. In general, sleep depends on the state of BLOOD and YIN in the body, especially of the HEART and LIVER, although other organs can be influenced as well.

Now stick with me here - during the night, our Yin energy is at its peak and the Mind [aka the Shen] and the Ethereal Soul [aka the Hun] should be anchored and resting in the Heart-Blood and the Liver-Blood respectively. Sleep disturbance can occur when the Mind or the Ethereal Soul or both are not being anchored in the Heart-Blood or the Liver-Blood. This could happen because there is not enough Blood or Yin in the body to anchor the Mind or the Ethereal Soul or because there is a pathogenic factor such as heat is agitating them. This can show up symptomatically as not being able to fall asleep, being able to fall asleep but can't stay asleep, anxiety with dream disturbed sleep and night sweats.