"Je suis un ananas!"

Perhaps I am dating myself with that 1980's reference but the Chinese medicine theory on the succulent pineapple holds up! Sweet & sour notes on the tongue, this "neutral" fruit acts as a Qi [pronounced 'chee'] and blood tonic in the body. It also promotes urination and digestion, quenches thirst, stops diarrhea, and clears excess heat from the body.


Best known for its bromelain component, a complex mixture of substances that can be found in the stem and core and used in supplements to treat joint pain, inflammation, digestive issues, boost the immune response and reduce allergies. It is also an excellent source of Vitamin C, B1, B6 manganese and copper.


Did you know that cut fruit, if chilled, retains many of its nutrients for at least 6 days? So prepare your self fresh fruit salad with pineapple on Sunday and enjoy it all week long. Get into the swing of summer with a pineapple salsa and serve over fish, chicken or dive in with your favourite chip!