The Ethereal Soul (aka The Hun in Chinese) is the mental-spiritual aspect of the Liver. The Hun is Yang in nature and at death survives the body to flow back to a world of subtle, non-material energies. The Hun is said to influence the capacity of planning our life and finding a sense of direction in life. A lack of direction in life and mental confusion could be compared to the wandering of the Hun alone in space and time. Therefore, if the Liver-Blood is flourishing, the Hun is firmly rooted and can help us to plan your life with wisdom and vision. If the Liver-Blood is weak then the Hun isn't rooted and can't give us a sense of direction in life.
If the Liver-Blood and Liver-Yin is very weak, the Hun may even leave the body temporarily at night during sleep or just before going to sleep. Those who suffer from a severe deficiency of Yin may experience a sensation as if they were floating in the few moments before falling asleep.
The Hun is the source of life dreams, vision, aims, projects, inspiration, creativity, ideas: it is described as the coming and going of the mind. The Hun is like an ocean of ideas, dreams, projects, and inspiration and the Mind can only cope with one at a time. The Mind keeps the Hun in check, integrating the ideas in our psyche in an orderly fashion.